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Is there anyway to add a turning restriction to a roundabout (or something to that effect)?

As you can see, to the northwest there is a special road for left turns, approaching the roundabout (from the northwestern entrance) in the left lane is for going straight ahead only.

I'm new to this so thank you for your patience.

asked 17 Apr '15, 22:27

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I would also add a turn restriction with from "Hindpool road" towards the roundabout, via the segment of the roundabout between "Hindpool road" and "Abbey Road" and to the "Abbey Road".

That is, if you are not allowed to turn into Abbey Road without making a complete circle on the roundabout. This is what I deduce from the arrows on the ground.

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answered 18 Apr '15, 11:44

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As far as I can see...

The only needed turn restriction (by usual mapping standards) is at the merge of the left turn road (this node gets the "via" role). Also add the left turn road with the "from" and the Abbey Road with the "to" role to the restriction relation. The restriction should be only_left_turn (if that is more usual in your country you could convert that to a no_right_turn restriction).

The other straight ahead lane does not need a (usual) turn restriction as it is not mapped separately (and should not as it is just a non separated lane).

So, there is nothing really special due to the roundabout here.

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answered 17 Apr '15, 23:57

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edited 18 Apr '15, 00:08


A personal related suggestion: after you've made a turn restriction you may want to check it - use (needs some, maybe 10, minutes to update the data)

(18 Apr '15, 00:25) aseerel4c26 ♦

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