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Choansangil - incorrect - no road at all - it's a forest with big hills

is it possible to delete this part?

alt text

asked 17 Apr '15, 05:14

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edited 17 Apr '15, 05:17


Hi bdimych, if you go to and put "Choansangil" in the search box you end up at On the left side it says : Way: Choansangil (37402949) (no comment)

Edited 10 months ago by aquilegia Version #4 · Changeset #23128583

If you login you can click on "aquilegia" and send him/her an email to discuss this. I personally would not just delete a feature on Osm without discussion with its creator.

(17 Apr '15, 06:51) Gys de Jongh

Do you have local knowledge about this area? Just because the road doesn't appear in Google Maps doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Moreover you are not allowed to copy or deduce information from Google Maps.

(17 Apr '15, 07:56) scai ♦

@bdimych: I think it would be useful (for this special case) if you could mention if you know the forest area in reality ("local knowledge") and know that there is no street.

(17 Apr '15, 22:40) aseerel4c26 ♦

It's not google, I saw it myself, I use OsmAnd on my smarttphone and wanted to walk this way and as a result I've got good climbing excercises :)

(19 Apr '15, 02:43) bdimych

@bdimych: perfect, thanks!

(19 Apr '15, 16:19) aseerel4c26 ♦

  1. Split the road at the start of the section to be deleted. (Select the road, then select the relevant point that appears, and use the scissors icon.)
  2. Do the same at the end of the section to be deleted.
  3. Select the section to be deleted, and use the delete icon (a rubbish bin).

As scai says, remember that you're not allowed to use Google Maps as reference. However, given that the aerial imagery shows no road there, it seems plausible to me. I think Gys is being overcautious.

permanent link

answered 17 Apr '15, 09:51

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Richard ♦
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@Richard How can you be sure that the aerial image is more recent than the last edit (10 month) ? What image are you referring to ?

(17 Apr '15, 10:16) Gys de Jongh

But version 1 is pretty old, it was created 6 years ago: and the additional tags (source, ncat, review) suggest it was imported from some external db. Without direct knowledge, from Bing imagery the southern portion looks like a road left unfinished.

(17 Apr '15, 18:56) Alecs01

@Gys: I said "plausible", not "sure".

(17 Apr '15, 20:50) Richard ♦

it seems I've done it - but it's not yet visible...

(19 Apr '15, 03:18) bdimych

@bdimych: that looks fine!

(19 Apr '15, 16:24) aseerel4c26 ♦

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