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I have entered the outline of a building and saved it. However, there is an open area in the middle of the building (think of it as a courtyard). Is there some way I can make a hole in the middle of the building where this courtyard is?

asked 16 Apr '15, 11:47

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Roger Cornwell
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Thanks folks. I was using ID but following your suggestions I edited it with Potlatch 2 and now I have my courtyard. See if you're interested.

(16 Apr '15, 12:36) Roger Cornwell

You need to use a multipolygon relation containing two ways: the one you have with role=outer and the courtyard with role=inner. It is best to put the building tag on the relation.

I know this is possible in both Potlatch 2 and Josm editors, but am not sure how easy it is in iD.

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answered 16 Apr '15, 12:13

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It is very easy (hear the pundits screaming "NO" in the background :-)). Instead of a simple closed way or polygon you need to create a so called multi-polygon. This tends to be one of the most hated constructs in OSM, but in reality they are quite useful and the bad rep is mainly because they are often used unnecessarily.

Essentially you need to greate a relation of type multipolygon, add the outer polygon of your building as an "outer" element and the hole(s) as "inner" element(s). How exactly to do this depends on the editor you are using which you haven't indicated.

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answered 16 Apr '15, 12:15

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You need to create a multipolygon. See this question or that one for tutorial.

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answered 16 Apr '15, 12:18

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