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I have some feature requests regarding the diary function. Should I just post them to ? As one issue or as four? Or is there a better way to go about this. Here's what I was meaning to post:

Diary could be made much more attractive. Here's some ideas:

  • provide readership statistics to posters (views, backlinks) [EDIT: you can do this yourself, using an image provider that tracks views]
  • provide notification if new comments on article you commented about [EDIT: this has been implemented 13/10/2016]
  • make adding images easier [EDIT: just use something like imgur - also provides stats. Syntax for images is explained next to the editing screen]
  • provide a reddit style view of entries, with most popular entries on top

asked 14 Apr '15, 19:07

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joost schouppe
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edited 13 Oct '16, 07:43

yes, as separate "issues", IMHO (since each can be tackled separately from a programming POV) … like as often users here should post separate questions. But mention your overall goal each time, so others know where you are coming from. You may want to label your suggestions as enhancement.

Update: However, such ideas more not scarce, but man power is. So you might want to think about if it is worth suggesting those improvements at all.

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answered 14 Apr '15, 19:39

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 14 Apr '15, 23:47

It took a while, but one of the suggestions has now been implemented! I just closed the ticket myself, so not sure if I had anything to do with it all.

(13 Oct '16, 07:40) joost schouppe

There is a basic misunderstanding somewhere in the question. There is no, really no, shortage of good ideas for OSM in general and for the website specifically. Matter of fact every self respecting OSMer can probably produce a list with multiple man-centuries worth of work of nice-to-have items in the time frame of a couple of minutes.

The scarce resource is developer time and attention and the practical consideration of limiting complexity to a (with the available resources) manageable level.

As a consequence feature requests tend to be taken far more serious if:

  • you provide code yourself
  • you convince somebody else to code
  • you pay somebody to code
  • you convince somebody else to pay somebody to code

I'm not aware of a feature that has been coded and tested in a reasonable way being turned down to date, however the additional complexity and resource consumption considerations might still lead to a feature not being integrated.

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answered 14 Apr '15, 23:24

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SimonPoole ♦
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edited 15 Apr '15, 09:05

I fully agree, yes, my answer may be to naive …

(14 Apr '15, 23:43) aseerel4c26 ♦

Even though I basically misunderstood, only one of the ideas was called insane, and there's even one issue that hasn't been closed yet. Let's call that a success.

(15 Apr '15, 00:15) joost schouppe

@joost schouppe: thank you for your ideas, anyhow! :-)

(15 Apr '15, 01:02) aseerel4c26 ♦

@joost schouppe even if the issues hadn't been closed, there is just essentially nobody working through feature requests (bug reports are different) and implementing them. So while I wouldn't preclude that somebody might take a fancy to an idea and actually do something about one, it is extremely unlikely.

(15 Apr '15, 07:13) SimonPoole ♦

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