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In many cities, the metro lines are represented by a color. See for instance the MRT map of Taipei:

alt text

However, on the Transport Layer of OSM, there are no color codes.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to specify the color of a metro line in the node's properties/tags? If yes, how?
  2. Is there a way to display this on the map?

Thanks in advance!

asked 14 Apr '15, 04:47

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The colour tag can be used to specify the colour of public transport line in a schematic ( although that would be on the relation, not on a node.

I don't know of a map that uses this though, see also "You can add a color to the transport map?".

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answered 14 Apr '15, 06:45

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks! It looks like the color is here, but as you mention it's not used on OSM nor on the mobile apps I tried (OSMAnd, Maps.Me). Too bad… Is there a way to ask for a new feature in

(14 Apr '15, 07:06) ePierre

The transport layer doesn't have an issue tracker that I know of, though you could conceivably open a ticket on using the OpenCycleMap component (same maintainer).

I'd be surprised if it was accepted though - letting users define their own colours is a pretty brave cartographical step!

(16 Apr '15, 20:53) Richard ♦

Of cause there are OSM based apps (examples) exactly answering your question. People are extensively using OSM outside the popular OSM public layers, even if we don't know about them (and that is the nice and amazing fact with OSM). Though, there are two general problems related to your questions:
-The physical T-lines are in OSM but the logical (the logistics) are not. The logical lines are often changing, are specific for cities, varying in colours, colour shades and so on. Therefor, as a rule, these coloured and geo-positioned logical lines, together with the transport dynamics, are application additions to OSM.
-On certain physical lines/segments several logical lines may be positioned (with different colours). Rendering these overlapping cases may be challenging. Instead of drawing parallel lines over the map, drawing a (moderate) thick line with along-the-line styling might be a nice aesthetic replacement/solution.
An example of a similar app is the "UK TravelOptons" from the App Store in iTunes. This shows the London coloured T-lines over the OSM map together with the real-time traffic dynamics.

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answered 14 Apr '15, 10:41

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Do I understand that you mean the relationship between physical and logical line is the exact equivalent as that between a road and a bus route? Since bus routes get mapped all the time as relations, why would a logical line not get mapped upon the physical line? Seems much less changeable than bus routes anyway.

(16 Apr '15, 20:42) joost schouppe

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