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hello, I have a problem with JOSM, bing imagery could not focus, whether these disturbances occur only in Indonesia or bing satellite imagery is in trouble

asked 08 Apr '15, 15:13

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naga bonar
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Could you provide a location where you see this problem (Indonesia's a big place!).

(08 Apr '15, 15:20) SomeoneElse ♦

bing is (and always was) a bit tricky in JOSM for me (Germany). Try to delete the bing layer and re-add it again. Does that help? If not then you got a different problem. Update: After about JOSM version 8174 (current "tested" is version 8159, the next "tested" version will likely be released in about a week) there was a change in the JOSM bing caching technology. It seems that this cured my problems. Your problems seem to be different, see my answer below.

(08 Apr '15, 15:29) aseerel4c26 ♦

location of naga bonar's last edits: 3.73455/96.82815

I checked in JOSM and iD: it seems there is simply no high resolution imagery available (blurry and max zoom level 13). Streets are not really visible, just big rivers, forests, settlement areas, coast, … Sorry, naga bonar, that means that bing is not that useful for you. Note that this is not JOSM's fault.

However, try other imagery sources offered by JOSM/iD: e.g. Mapbox's imagery is available up to zoom level 17 and clearly shows streets and buildings! If you limit the imagery sources zoom level in its settings to 17 you could overzoom to enlarge (but it will be blurry) the image.

Note, only use aerial imagery which is offered you by the editors, do not use other sources (e.g. google).

Of course and in addition you could collect positions by GPS.

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answered 22 Apr '15, 01:19

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