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In Germany mixed areas with residential and business use are quite common. In the selection of OSM you always have to decide between the two, which is absolutely inappropriate.

What do do about this?

asked 07 Apr '15, 15:02

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Do you mean the typical european city centre? It is a matter of personal judgement I believe, in those cases (when no landuse clearly prevails) I would map no landuse at all. In various cities I saw some people tracing a landuse=retail area around pedestrian shopping streets, even if the surrounding builings may host apartments or offices above the shops, while other cities are completely covered by landuse=residential. See also this discussion:

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answered 07 Apr '15, 20:03

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It is a matter of personal judgement I believe - absolutely not, because in most places, there are legally binding land-use plans.

These exist not only for city centres, but for most built-up areas. Even outside of cities, there are strong regulations whether you can erect a building, what kind of building, which roof shape, how many storeys and so on.

I also answered in the discussion you mentioned giving some examples.

(07 Apr '15, 22:01) HolgerJ

Sure they are, but we are talking of something different here, we map what we see "on the ground" (is this block a residential area or something else?), not what the city government plans for future development. Tagging an area with landuse=* means describing the (main) use that piece of land has right now, which everyone walking around there can see.

(07 Apr '15, 22:37) Alecs01
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