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It would be nice to have mapillary images shown in the map on the website (as an option), in a similar way to Google Street View. Not only to help when mapping.

Is this being developed? If not, is there any reason (other than lack of resources) this is not implemented?

asked 05 Apr '15, 16:18

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Surely this is the base functionality of the Mapillary website!

(05 Apr '15, 16:30) SK53 ♦

My question was about integration in the OSM viewer itself. One stop point would be beneficial (from my POV) for the user. The reason would be the same as why routing was incorporated (using external routing services).

(05 Apr '15, 16:57) xoko

what is "the OSM viewer"? Do you mean the map on the website? Upd: Okay, have added it to your question.

(08 Apr '15, 13:54) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, I mean the map on the website.

(08 Apr '15, 14:44) xoko

There are many things for which could be used. To show as much of the created data as possible, to get people to make the map better, to introduce people to different aspects of the community (development, specific projects, help wiki mailinglists forum). Look at some national OSM pages to see how different countries interpret this.

But in general the philosophy is not to create "THE Google maps alternative". So I don't think this kind of feature would be a priority for many people. If ever there is going to be an OSM based Google killer, don't expect to see it at

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answered 11 Apr '15, 19:55

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joost schouppe
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This is the kind of strategical/political answer I was expecting. I understand that this is the approach taken by However, it is sad there is no such a OSM data-based project acting as an all-in-one map+utilities around it. Some current projects could make use of Mapillary data.

(12 Apr '15, 05:58) xoko

Perhaps because nobody has the resources to set up such a website ?

(12 Apr '15, 06:59) escada

Perhaps. Who knows but someone inside such projects.

(12 Apr '15, 21:47) xoko

It's not hard to guess that most of the maps which show cases OpenStreetMap at the moment are run by volunteers. None of them has the resources that Google puts behind their website.

(13 Apr '15, 07:16) escada

Well, you could start by embedding the full widget with the navigation, see The Mapillary Developer Pages. WDYT?


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answered 08 Apr '15, 13:36

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Peter Neubauer
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I mean integrating it in the map on the website. Not on a private webpage.

(08 Apr '15, 14:45) xoko

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