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I am trying to update the bus routes around Ecclesall in Sheffield as many of the routes are out of date. However some of the routes have been withdrawn since the map was updated and I cannot figure out how to delete them from OpenStreetMap.

Also just a different unrelated question: I have tried adding some bus stops on Silverdale road (www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/53.34953/-1.51377&layers=T), I know I pressed save and wrote in the box what I did. However I cannot see these on the map, is there some other thing I missed or do edits get authenticated?

asked 01 Apr '15, 22:26

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Please move you 2nd question to a separate question.

(02 Apr '15, 07:58) SimonPoole ♦

For deleting a bus route you have to delete the corresponding route relations. The iD editor doesn't directly allow to delete relations. Instead you have to remove all members in order to delete the relation itself.

Your bus stops are definitely there. Just wait a little until the map tiles get rendered again. Especially if you are looking at a layer different to the standard layer, such as the transport layer.

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answered 02 Apr '15, 07:59

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Typically the routes will be defined in a "relation" object, which in the case of a route is simply a list of the street segments and stops that belong to the route. Deleting the route relation will remove the route.

Note: relation editing in general is best done in JOSM.

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answered 02 Apr '15, 08:01

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