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How should the following be tagged? A road (e.g. highway=service) that is a private driveway (e.g. leading to a farm or residence) but is also a right-of-way for walkers / cyclists / equestrians be tagged?

At present I use:

access=private (or access=no)

Additionally for England & Wales only (NOT the whole of the UK!) I add the following if the way is signed as such: designation=public_bridleway OR designation=public_footpath (omitting bicycle=yes & horse=yes tags in this case)

Is my approach the best solution or should I use something different? For example:


Thanks, Larry

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There were a couple of similar previous questions asked - and . If you read past the disagreement between the two mappers there there's also useful info about how people tag rights of way in England and Wales.

(21 Apr '15, 10:38) SomeoneElse ♦

I use what you currently use. It is done via a preset in JOSM so adding all the tags is relatively easy. Some people will use "designated" rather than "yes" for foot/bicycle/horse= for the applicable public right of way. If you haven't already looked there are some UK tagging guidelines on the wiki although even this talks about more than one scheme. I would only use access=private if it wasn't a PROW. I would also add a surface= tag if it wasn't paved. If you don't get any other reponses here you could try the talk-gb email group for a wider opinion.

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answered 02 Apr '15, 20:41

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The question is in both cases, are you actually supplying an exhaustive list of what is allowed/forbidden? Random examples: how would a pedelec or somebody on inline skates be treated? I personally would choose whatever is shorter/more concise, but local practice has priority so whatever the UK consensus/wiki says is likely what goes.

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answered 02 Apr '15, 08:13

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