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I have mapped a fountain but it doesn't show on the maps. What am i doing wrong?

Also, Islands are not showing??

asked 01 Apr '15, 16:08

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Bruce B
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The standard layer doesn't render amenity=fountain. However you can list your fountain via the query features tool (number 11 in the browsing documentation).

The island is not rendered because it misses the natural=coastline tag. See place=island for more information about mapping islands. Also the way of the island's coastline must be drawn counterclockwise. Currently this is not the case for your island, so you have to reverse the way! But apparently iD doesn't allow to reverse areas. So either you have to split it, reverse both parts individually and then combine them again. Or just delete it and draw it again, this time counterclockwise.

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answered 01 Apr '15, 16:46

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Fountains are not currently being rendered on the default map style. A request to render them has been under discussion over on the style's GitHub project page here, so it may not be much longer until they are rendered.

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answered 01 Apr '15, 16:48

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