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Hi there,

about 1 month ago I devided a farm into parts and created new farms and meadows. But now the old farm, that was a multipolygon, is still rendered (mapnik). It is not part of the map now (it may was part of in the past). The same happend to a still existing residential (no multipolygon). When I change its shape, the new shape gets rendered, but the old too. When I delete a node, that was part of these shapes, then the old data is gone and not rendered any more. Moving a node seems to move the old data too.

Does anyone know what could cause this and how I could solve it, without removing all of the nodes and replace them by new ones.

I think that within the changeset check in something went wrong, both problems are may caused by the same chek in.


Thanks Jeti87

asked 28 Mar '15, 16:37

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That's indeed interesting. Looks like the rendering database for the standard layer still contains already deleted data. When opening the data layer only the new shape is shown.

(28 Mar '15, 19:05) scai ♦

There was a replication glitch roughly 1 month ago which has likely caused the issue, this will be rectified if and when the tile server databases get re-imported.

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answered 28 Mar '15, 21:40

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I undeleted and deleted the previous landuse way 326491809 again. Hopefully the rendering database will soon have the correct (=deleted) version of this way.

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answered 29 Mar '15, 09:45

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scai ♦
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Thanks. We will see :-)

(29 Mar '15, 09:46) Jeti87

Note that the above action doesn't make sense. The rendering databases are literally "throw away". By artifically creating new versions you are simply increasing bloat in the "real" database.

(29 Mar '15, 09:59) SimonPoole ♦

Thats true. But seriously, the OSM database is already full of bloat. Bad imports, superfluous and meaningless tags, objects that have been deleted and drawn anew like this landuse in the first place. Of course that's a pitty. But I just added two versions to an existing object, compared to the whole database these changes are insignificant in my opinion. And so far there doesn't seem to be an alternative solution for fixing this problem except of waiting for a re-import, which may not come any time soon.

(29 Mar '15, 10:37) scai ♦

Unfortunately it didn't make any difference :(

(29 Mar '15, 13:23) scai ♦
(29 Mar '15, 13:42) mmd

@mmd The HOT layer neither. It's just the standard layer (or better the database for the standard layer) which has both old and new data.

(29 Mar '15, 14:14) scai ♦

Meanwhile some tiles have been re-rendered but now parts of it are even more weird and broken. Looks a little bit like cubism.

(30 Mar '15, 07:48) scai ♦
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