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i want to know if is possible to map my clients stores and keep it private.


asked 29 Mar '11, 21:55

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Yes it is perfectly possible, you would simply not upload the data. The thing is, what happens with this data later. If you printed a rendering (osm+yours) without distributing it, your mapping will remain private, but if you give it to someone else, you could not restrict the use (it will have to be cc-by-sa).

Your solution is to keep OSM and your private db separate and don't print them together. You could also print your private rendering on transparent film and superpose it with an OSM map which allows you to put different licenses on the works as they are separate.

If you want reliable legal advice you might have to hire a lawyer.

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answered 29 Mar '11, 23:59

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You could also say that OSM wants ALL stores mapped. So there is no reason to not map these stores into OSM but keep his clients list locally on his application.

(30 Mar '11, 10:26) Pieren

Yes I see it like this, but he asked how to keep them private...

(30 Mar '11, 10:34) dieterdreist

Would "wait until the licence change takes effect and then...." change the remainder of the advice?

(02 Aug '11, 21:47) banoffee

there are tons of use cases for why people would want to make private maps. Like mapping out where I had my first kiss or where I'd taken a girl on a date or where I'd been with my family with info on what i did with my family or ... sensitive information i'd like to keep a detailed record of in private and be able to continually update.

(06 Apr '14, 05:23) joshua robison

actually with ODbL (in effect since 9/2012) things have changed a bit, you can now also render maps from different, indipendent databases (i.e. they constitute a "collective database" according to the ODbL) and distribute the whole produced work (your map) under any license you like (still the contained underlying data from OSM remains ODbL, but it doesn't trigger Share-Alike for the other, indipendent data) and publish this.

As long as you don't publish your results (not publicly available as defined in the ODbL) you can do what you like w. your private maps (ODbL only for what is published)

(08 May '14, 10:49) dieterdreist

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