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Hi, I am in a band and I would like to create a map so I can add events venues of where my band is playing at. I only want the event locations, info and dates and nothing else. Something similar to what rammstein has done:

Any help would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

asked 29 Mar '11, 20:47

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The rammstein site uses a CloudMade style. I would recommend this approach if you're a web designer looking for a quick solution. On the CloudMade site you choose dark colours using the style editor, and CloudMade renders and hosts this map tileset for you.

On your site you then use one of the options for displaying a slippy map. The rammstein site is in flash. They're also adding a nice speckled effect on top of the map. Not sure if they've used one of the flash alternative listed, or something else. You could do this in javascript using OpenLayers as in this example which I've just created for you. (Do 'view source' to copy the javascript)

There are other dark styles pre-made. I picked 'Dark Spider' style

tile image

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answered 30 Mar '11, 14:55

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Hi Harry

CloudMade sounds exactly what I have been looking for. I am very new to OpenStreetMap and I am wondering if you could explain it more in depth to me?

(31 Mar '11, 17:13) DeathMagic M...

Head on over to the style editor here: and give it a try. Ask another question when you get stuck. or ask a question directly to CloudMade. If you click the 'feedback' button in the top right... I know they always used to be quite helpful and responsive.

(31 Mar '11, 23:49) Harry Wood

You will have to create your own map style, by defining what you want to appear on the map. Then you can use that to render the map.

To include information about your events, you can either put that information into the map data, and render it alongside the map, or you can just add it manually to the rendered map when you are finished. The latter is probably easier to do, unless you plan to render many different maps, or want to re-render them frequently.

For more information about how to create your own map, see the question How do I render my own maps for my website? It lists and explains the various ways to go about this.

Of course, you can also have a look at the various pre-made maps, maybe there is one that suits you. These are also listed under the link above.

Finally, the CloudMade site offers a map under where you can choose between different styles (and even edit your own styles). If you find one you like, you can just take a screen shot and use it under CC-BY-SA.

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answered 30 Mar '11, 14:13

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