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Hi! It-it possible to draw an itinerary (for example between two cities), with polylines folowing automatiquely the curves on the roads? This itinerary is due to be be exported to GPS format. Thank you.

asked 25 Mar '15, 09:47

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I'm not sure what you mean. The routing certainly follows the road contours

Do you mean to export a map only dislaying the route plus nearby roads within 200 metres of the track or similar.

or do you just want to export the displayed route (using the osm routing link) to a .gpx file to load into a GPS receiver like a garmin. If this is what you require, select 'Directions courtesy of OSRM' at the bottom of the 'Directions' section and the OSRM site will offer a download of a .gpx file if you re-enter the start and end locations in that routing page.

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answered 25 Mar '15, 11:00

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Ok! Thank's, the routing is that I wanted. I'll export only the track to my Garmin, not a buffer. I'll try to built my europeen itinerary of 1500 km. Thank you again.

(25 Mar '15, 13:59) achat2015

then also have a look at

or in general to see services that can export a calculated route as GPX.

(25 Mar '15, 17:52) stephan75

It is possible, this is what allows you to do. I'm not sure whether they use OpenStreetMap data for the underlying roads. So you can develop a similar service if you wish.

It is not possible on

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answered 25 Mar '15, 11:21

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You can use OSRM to get each steps on the route.


Here, make sure steps=true.

If draw all the coordinates in legs.steps.geometry.coordinates, you will get what you want.

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answered 06 Apr '17, 06:39

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how is that related to the original question? I cannot see anything about steps there.

(06 Apr '17, 07:09) aseerel4c26 ♦

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