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Hi everyone,

I created a listing for my physical business in Cambodia.

Here is the link:

The only problem is that when I search for my business name: "CamUK" it gives the wrong information and not what I entered:

CamUK Real Estate, #10D, National Highway 6, Spean Tnot, Siem Reap, Cambodia

I entered #10D, Street 6A (addr:street), but it doesn't appear the same. The above is the wrong address.

Also, I want to enter the locality, but can't find out how to do it.

The actual address is: CamUK Real Estate, #10D, Street 6A, Banteay Chas Village, Sangkat Slorkram, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

(Banteay Chas Village, Sangkat Slorkram being the locality).

Can anybody advise how to do this please and why the address is changing to something that I didn't enter.

Many thanks. Looking forward to your replies.

asked 23 Mar '15, 10:29

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The reason for the wrong street might be that "Street 6A" doesn't exist yet in OSM. Try to add the name to the corresponding ways in OSM.

(23 Mar '15, 12:11) scai ♦

...also, has the address number actually got a # in it or should it be simply 10D instead and does the street sign read "Street 6a" or does it read just "6a"?

(23 Mar '15, 13:01) nevw offers some more suggestions including addr:full which might suit you and more options for the places it is in. Generally the best way to map the districts, suburbs, etc is by mapping the boundaries of these areas but a point marking the centre of the area can be used too if the boundary is a bit uncertain or not able to be used. If these are mapped you don't need to add it to your site address.

(23 Mar '15, 13:19) nevw

Thanks for the suggestions everybody! I will take a closer look at it.

With regards to the addresses here in Cambodia, the correct mailing addresses include both "#" & "Street" when directly translated from Khmer language. Therefore, it is often (not always, but most often) used when translated into English.

If I don't know the boundary of the districts and suburbs, then I can't map it?

(23 Mar '15, 15:10) camuk

I notice you have added you company tags to a node on the road. This is unconventional as we normally just have the roadway nodes on the street. Most businesses are located in a building next to the roadway and have their business tags added to the building node or building outline. :)

(26 Mar '15, 14:16) nevw

I moved the business with tags to it's own building node (instead of the node on the street). You may wish to reposition the node to a more exacting location or trace a few of the local building outlines from satellite imagery and put your business tags on the building you occupy and delete my node. It was too difficult for me to discern much from the imagery. A search seems to work well now.

(27 Mar '15, 07:26) nevw
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This is because how Nominatim handles addresses.

First it takes the boundaries, then it searches streets inside those boundaries, and then it searches buildings near those streets. But it only binds the housenumbers to the streets when addr:street on the house and "name" on the street match perfectly.

You should find out with your local community whether adding "Street" to the streetname is preferred or not, and then try to obey that convention in all your tagging.

There are also other problems with Nominatim when talking about address search btw. F.e. it's not very good in finding addresses when the street forms a municipality border. The street is always only assigned to one municipality, so half of the addresses can't be found for those streets. Problems like these can't be solved by mappers, and must be solved by the devs.

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answered 26 Mar '15, 13:23

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