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In my area, there is a £30 million cycle infrastructure scheme being implemented. In particular, many roads are being closed to vehicular traffic, but remaining open to cyclists and pedestrians.

What is the best way to tag those "modal filters" on the map. I want that routers correctly know that cars are not allowed and also that these clearly look like "places you can't drive" on the visual map.

My initial attempts (to change the road type to pedestrian) don't seem to have changed the visuals (although perhaps OSM is just slow to update the tiles.)

asked 21 Mar '15, 10:19

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Please do not even attempt to fiddle with the tagging to acheive any specific visual effect on the standard rendering.

That said, the standard rendering currently only supports a very restricted rendering of access tags, and that is, on top of it, not useful, bordering on wrong. So again please do not try to acheive visual representation of bicycle/pedestrian only access by tag fiddling.

Now back to the underlying question: it really depends what makes most sense, roads that have really changed status from say residential, unclassified or similar to a cycleway with pedestrian access could clearly be tagged as highway=cycleway If access has simply been restricted, for example by allowing only access to residents then that should be tagged.

Further from your question it seems as if you are based in the UK, as a general rule you should not be making widespread tagging changes without at least rough consensus in the respective communities. I would strongly suggest you bringing the matter to the table on the GB mailing list.

For more information see: access tag on the wiki

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answered 21 Mar '15, 11:52

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So to summarise your answer: "Don't worry about how the visual map looks - just keep the data correct". That makes sense. I think I've done everything right then. Is there any way to test the routing?

(21 Mar '15, 11:55) WalthamCity

Sure, the routing databases update with some delay, but you can use the routing feature on (arrow to the right of the search box) for testing, or use the routing services directly.

Note the routing services will tend to differ on which tags they consider for routing decisions, so you shouldn't forget that there is a certain danger of "tagging for the router" and not just "tagging for the renderer" too.

(21 Mar '15, 11:57) SimonPoole ♦

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