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Hey Guys

I hope I got the right forum and all!

I want to program a small application for my motorcycle. The goal is to have a mapview which displays the current position. It shall run on linux on a raspberry pi, but this goal is far away;) In a further step, it would be nice to have routing and tracking functionalities, but for the start I am stuck with displaying a map.

I do not have problems with java programming and am somewhat experienced, I only have problems with the map-stuff.

I started with trying to get mapsforge running in a java project but figured out, that it is just too complicated, because it is intended for use with android.

Unfortunately I have to admit that the whole project is not particularly well documented. Many of the related libraries and projects do not have nice getting started sites or things like that. so it is really hard to orientate and know where to start...

So, my easy question: When I want to display an (interactive) map in java. And later I want to add routing functionalities (so it would be nescesary to colour the active street and such things), what would be a good starting point for a library for use with java?

Regards Me

asked 19 Mar '15, 22:43

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aseerel4c26 ♦

JMapViewer might be a starting point. Unlike Mapsforge though, this is based on bitmap tiles, i.e. you can't download a large map for offline use, instead it loads individual map tiles (PNGs) from the server as needed. Also JMapViewer has limited options of displaying vector data on top of the map, AFAIK it only supports markers (not highlighted streets etc) but that is something that you could probably add given some Java knowledge.

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answered 20 Mar '15, 07:26

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Does any of you know how is possible to download a bigger area? Always when i am trying to do this it says that the data includes too many information.

(02 Jul '15, 11:14) madalina_ias...

@madalina_iasmina It is not clear what you mean. Try asking a new question with more words explaining what you are trying to do. You can ask in whatever language you want


Nu este clar ce vrei să spui. Încercați pune o nouă întrebare cu mai multe cuvinte explica ceea ce încercăm să facem. Puteți solicita în orice limbă doriți

(02 Jul '15, 11:18) SomeoneElse ♦

As vrea sa pot incarca intregul oras in Java OpenSteetMap, dar de fiecare data cand incerc sa fac asta imi spune ca suprafata este prea mare si trebuie sa reduc din ea. In momentul in care aleg o suprafata mai mica functioneaza, dar as preafera sa pot avea tot orasul .

(02 Jul '15, 15:54) madalina_ias...

Have a look at Atlas ... it is written in Java for desktop PC and is based on mapsforge.

Unfortunately it is closed source by user emux (see github about mapsforge, he is one of the core developers of mapsforge)

But maybe he can give you the right entry point in the mapsforge mailing list how to get started more easily with mapsforge in Java / PC. Read the mailing list before, maybe there has been already a similar question.

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answered 23 Mar '15, 15:57

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