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The calculated route from Glenshee to Braemar takes you a long way round - via Fettercairn - instead of directly north.

asked 17 Mar '15, 09:47

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Happy Tourer
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closed 24 Mar '15, 17:41

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aseerel4c26 ♦


Can you post the browser URL (which also contains which of the various routers you were actually using) here? That will help people look at the data to see if there's a problem there.

The actual route is calculated by an external router and isn't something OSM has control over - if it's not a data problem it'd need raising with the router itself.

(17 Mar '15, 10:06) SomeoneElse ♦

This route? Looks fine to me.

(17 Mar '15, 10:26) scai ♦

The problem arose using the Navigator app. Interestingly, the Google Maps app gave the correct route. Nexus 7 tablet was used in both cases.

(17 Mar '15, 18:37) Happy Tourer

What is "the Navigator app"? There are various different navigation applications based on OSM data. Also it depends on the age of their data. If they use old data then it might still contain errors that have already been corrected in OSM.

(17 Mar '15, 18:53) scai ♦

The app used was "MapFactor: GPS Navigation". When installed its logo is entitled "Navigator". The latest version of the UK map was used. This has not changed and is still 44-201502190.

(17 Mar '15, 19:29) Happy Tourer

I suggest to either wait for a new update in order to see if the problem persists or to contact the MapFactor support about this issue. There is nothing OSM can do about as our data seems to be correct.

(20 Mar '15, 07:54) scai ♦

I have updated the map, and contacted MapFactor twice. They are most insistent that it is OSM's problem. Back to you! Happy Tourer

(24 Mar '15, 17:12) Happy Tourer

If MapFactor fails to route but other OSM routers succeed then it obviously can't be a problem of OSM's data :\

(24 Mar '15, 17:20) scai ♦

@Happy Tourer: and if it should be OSM's problem, they should tell where exactly the problem is. I have checked all road pieces of the A93 for tags possibly causing routing problems: none. And the pieces are obviously connected with each other (since other routing works). You may want to try another app.

However, thank you for your help to improve OSM!

(24 Mar '15, 17:40) aseerel4c26 ♦
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Problem is not reproducible / MapFactor software problem" by aseerel4c26 24 Mar '15, 17:41

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