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Is it possible with JOSM to select objects inside the bounding box of a given country? Say, for example:

asked 16 Mar '15, 05:31

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Bryce C Nesbitt
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edited 25 Apr '15, 11:21

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aseerel4c26 ♦


Depending on your goal, you might use Overpass to retrieve all those objects and then open the result of the query in JOSM. It's not really selecting all objects, I know. But as others have pointed out, you might not be able to open all data from 1 country anyway, so you might have to change your approach.

(16 Mar '15, 14:14) escada

meta: I think this is quite an exact duplicate of in-josm-how-do-i-select-something-within-a-boundary. Agree? Then please close here and, Vincent, please add your answer there too (possibly including my comment).

(25 Apr '15, 11:24) aseerel4c26 ♦

Here's a partial solution :

  • Install utilsplugin2
  • Download the relation and all its members
  • select the relation
  • click selections -> all inside

The multipolygon relation itself and its members get selected as well, which can be a deal-breaker. You might be able to work around that using tools -> search -> remove from selection. Or ping the plugin author to see if the selection variant can be implemented.

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answered 16 Mar '15, 10:11

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Erg, you forgot to mention an important point : excepted Vatican and MonteCarlo, it is highly probably that JOSM and OSM API will not allow to download a full content of a country polygon.

(16 Mar '15, 14:09) Pieren

It's doable bit by bit. You can also download it from geofabrik (I tested with a small african country; the Netherlands would require a very beefy machine to run josm on). Maybe the op is only interested in stuff near a frontier, not the whole country (in which case even downloading the whole relation is not necessary). Etc.

(16 Mar '15, 14:52) Vincent de P... ♦

I meant select given features within the outline, not everything.

(24 Apr '15, 01:53) Bryce C Nesbitt

@Bryce C Nesbitt: I am a bit confused … "inside the bounding box of a given country" is what Vincent's suggestion does (with the mentioned bits to be worked around). What do you mean by "within the outline"? Do you mean ON the outline? Members of the outline relation?

(24 Apr '15, 12:15) aseerel4c26 ♦

Well, if you want to use another find criterion, then just apply it after you've selected "all objects in Germany" with the "find in selection" mode of JOSM's "search".

However, as escada said above, most likely you really do not want to use JOSM for a search in a whole country (unless you have a sparse dataset already).

(24 Apr '15, 20:23) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, I am referring to a sparse selection. For the German boundary relation the plugin gives "Nothing found. Please select some closed ways or multipolygons to find all primitives inside them!".

(25 Apr '15, 19:46) Bryce C Nesbitt

"find all Beer Gardens in Germany" is a job for Overpass API. See the result on overpass turbo. You have to hit run, wait a little and then hope that your browser can handle the load. You can also load the result into JOSM via the export button.

(25 Apr '15, 20:23) scai ♦
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