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Sometimes I see highways tagged as access=no, foot=yes, bicycle=yes. Because this kind of tagging tends to forget about specific vehicle exceptions (say horses, snowmobiles and the like), I prefer motor_vehicle=no (or vehicle=no, depending on the situation) instead of access=no and exceptions. Is there a recommendation about this?

asked 28 Mar '11, 23:57

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You should tag whatever is correct for that highway. The tagging suggestions you have suggested are both appropriate depending on the actual situation on the ground.

If nobody is allowed on the road, except for walking and cycling, then the "access=no, foot=yes, bicycle=yes" would be correct. However, if everyone is allowed on the road, except for motor vehicles, then your second suggestion of "access=yes, motor_vehicle=no" would be appropriate.

Or in other words, it's a false choice - your two approaches mean two different things in real life, so you need to use whichever is correct.

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answered 29 Mar '11, 08:31

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I think you're still missing the point - access=no, foot=yes <- horses not allowed. vehicle=no <- horses are allowed. They are different tags and express different access rights.

(29 Mar '11, 12:23) Andy Allan
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