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Directions to our business are incorrect and take customers to a permanently closed gate. Can someone please change the directions to 955 NW Flagler Avenue, Stuart, FLorida, USA so that they use NW Fern Street, not NW Alice Avenue? These directions are causing a lot of problems for us and would like to resolve soon. Thank you

asked 11 Mar '15, 13:19

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Does the gate only block motor vehicles or also cyclists and pedestrians? And please note that there are various other direction services apart from OpenStreetMap available.

(11 Mar '15, 13:46) scai ♦

The gate blocks motor vehicles. Cyclists and pedestrians can use a sidewalk located next to the road and gate. Thank you!

(11 Mar '15, 14:01) LoggerheadMa...

Added Cyclists and pedestrians info onto node. Bing not good enough to see sidewalk.

(11 Mar '15, 16:19) RM87

I have added barrier=gate to and merged the node into the way. I can't remember how long it takes for the different routing options to update, but try the default one in about a day to see if that has helped.

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answered 11 Mar '15, 13:35

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EdLoach ♦
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edited 11 Mar '15, 13:38


Some routing engines ignore the barrier=* tag. But this is a routing software issue, not a tagging in OSM problem.

(11 Mar '15, 14:55) Pieren

No critics but would nt it be better if someone told Loggerhead Marina how to tackle or change the problem within OSM, instead of all the helpfull actions ?

(11 Mar '15, 21:31) Hendrikklaas

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