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I've recently signed up and added/edited a few public amenities in my area.

I'm writing an app that will show all of Leeds City Council's Site Allocations sites, and I wanted to make this data available publicly here. How might I go about adding areas that won't render on a 'normal' map but can be viewed by interested parties? Is this something I should add to OpenStreetMap at all in the first place, or should I maintain these sites in my app and superimpose them on an embedded map?

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EDIT: for clarity, the data is at - these are real sites, identified as possible candidates for city building. The app attempts to increase public engagement with the process, so these areas have a shelf life - but the consultation that decides what sites get allocated is this year. My first thought was to have these live specifically within the app, but they may have wider interest in this period.

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OpenStreetMap doesn't usually collect data that is not verifiable (wiki link) on the ground. There are some exceptions - for example, we do have administrative boundaries, but we certainly draw the line at land parcels. It is hard for me to say where your site allocation data falls but my hunch is that it is not something we'd like to see in OSM.

In that case, probably the best technology would be using uMap where you can draw things (or have things drawn) on top of an OpenStreetMap basemap while still keeping both data sets separate - or, of course, superimpose things on top of OSM in your app.

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That's an excellent answer. Thank you Frederik.

(16 Mar '15, 07:00) rgarner

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