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AED (Automated external defibrillator) are getting widely diffused in Italy and in Europe lately, and I keep adding emergency:defibrillator tags where I see new stations.

Sadly on the default view of those devices are not displayed, while less imporant amenities like ATMs are visible.

I've added one here (node 3347777149) , which is visible only on edit or on specific maps.

Wouldn't it be useful to show such elements on the map?

asked 06 Mar '15, 11:28

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The discussion re the "OSM Carto" style is at . Other map styles (including at least one general map style that I can think of) do render them.

(26 Oct '17, 11:26) SomeoneElse ♦

@Styrheim I moved your answer to a comment because it wasn't an answer.

(26 Oct '17, 11:28) SomeoneElse ♦

Because the key emergency is not in the database schema of opentreetmap-carto. New keys are not added at the moment.

permanent link

answered 06 Mar '15, 11:34

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thanks, added my comment there

(06 Mar '15, 11:44) maxxer

It is rather unlikely that anybody would refer to the OSM standard style to find an AED in an emergency (or any other online or paper map for what it is worth), this extends to all saftey equiment. Naturally being able to find one as a POI in a navigation app on the other hand might be useful.

(06 Mar '15, 17:07) SimonPoole ♦

However someone might see an AED on OSM that isn't immediately visible IRL (inside a medical facility for example) and remember it's location when it's needed in an emergency.

(05 Jun '16, 05:23) matthewsheff...

Possibly, but your example is poor: The staff at any medical facility that has an AED should know where it is or, more likely, they are. As a "first responder", I know exactly where our AED is and I would expect all of my colleagues to know it too, especially as we have regular training sessions about such things.

In my mind, public non-medical facilities that have AEDs might be a better example for you. For instance where AEDs are located in an airport.

But even in places like that, I find that I am always keeping an eye out for them, possibly due to my training, and if I needed access to one quickly I'd send someone to the closest one I'd noticed rather than attempt to fire up a web browser on a smart phone and try to find one on a OSM based map. I rather doubt that my phone's gps and/or network based location processing would be very good inside a building anyway and I'd be attending to more important things like starting CPR.

I may be an exception and most people may not be looking for or consciously noting AED locations. But I harbor the suspicion that anyone likely to consider using an AED would also be the type to notice where they are.

(05 Jun '16, 09:07) n76

But if you were visiting somewhere new and needed find one?

(05 Jun '16, 09:19) andy mackey

@andy mackey start OSMand or or whatever, but defintely not try to start and fiddly try to find my current location, find an AED and then find out how I get there.

In any case as stf says from a practical pov you either know where a nearby AED is or you don't, and you are defintely not going to go off hunting for one except if you are the nth (for large n) person at a incident site.

(05 Jun '16, 09:58) SimonPoole ♦

Count one vote for showing AEDs when searching the Emergency category. At least those that are outdoors and available 24/7.

Here in the Faroe Islands, all I find in the Emergency category is police- and fire stations. Those locations are no use at all during an emergency.

If two helpers have started CPR, I think the third one may start looking for an AED?

What positions might be useful in an emergency? I can think of first-aid kits, life buoys, fire extinguishers and AEDs. We should all make mental notes of those, as we do with emergency exits, but if we don't?

What is the point of adding AEDs to the map, if they are not shown?

(26 Oct '17, 11:52) Styrheim

@Styrheim The OSM dataset has multiple consumers. Even if one particular renderer doesn't show AEDs, other renderers and other consumers might.

As to a use-case for showing AEDs on One who's planning a trip might choose which of a city's two airports to depart from based on how many AEDs each airport has.

(26 Oct '17, 16:21) dsh4

@Styrheim: you can use to show AEDs nowadays.

(26 Oct '17, 20:07) escada

It would be useful to show AED locations as in preparation for an event as First Aider where I am not immediately local I wish to look up where AEDs are located and then visit to check that there is one there. There are more AEDs installed here in Ireland in recent years but many of them are internal in buildings due to protection from vandalism. Even with talking to local people it is very difficult to find AED locations.

(07 Aug '20, 14:26) gaoithe
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