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In English the country of Sāmoa is typically spelled without the Polynesian long "a".

Here is the Wikipedia Sāmoa page

I have been able to update several towns and villages with the correct spellings, but don't know how to change the country name. How does one accomplish changing this spelling so it is Fa'a Sāmoa (proper Samoan)?

asked 06 Mar '15, 02:50

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For Samoa the name is set twice: There is a node for the label and there is a relation for the country. So you should probably adjust the name for both. If you open the node for editing the editor should show a link to the relation.

Please be aware that countries have a lot of localized names defined. Most towns will not have that many tags. The wiki page Names has a explanation of the different tags. For example there probably should be an additonal 'name:sm' tag for the name in Samoan.

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answered 06 Mar '15, 08:16

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Thanks Ohr,

Here is an over pass turbo script to extract Country nodes.

    <query type="node">
  <has-kv k="place" v="country"/>
  <bbox-query {{bbox}}/>

  <recurse type="down"/>
<print mode="meta"/>
(06 Mar '15, 13:52) Palolo
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