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Hi. I've added some pathways, but i can't see them on the map, outside the editorial view. Why is that? tnks.

asked 05 Mar '15, 20:51

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could you please link to the relevant location? Or to the relevant object?

(05 Mar '15, 20:56) aseerel4c26 ♦ this is the location. i don't see the pathways. how can i send a link to the object if i don't see it on the basemap?

(05 Mar '15, 21:52) asafche

Likely i-have-made-edits-but-they-dont-show-up-on-the-map will help you.

Update (with the location): I see your new footpath in zoom level 19 up to 13 rendered on the "Standard" map. You should see it too, if you clear your browser's cache (usually by viewing the map and hitting ctrl+F5 keys).

In general: if you tagged it according to a template in your editor, and you see it in your editor's map, it is okay (… and, if used on purpose, even tags which are not recognized by editors are okay). The Standard map is updated quite fast (often < 10 minutes), but sometimes it can take longer.

To check if an object will show up on the Standard map at all, test at (enter your tags — here you used: highway=footway). Or look at other equally tagged footways to see if they show up.

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answered 05 Mar '15, 20:57

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 06 Mar '15, 11:56

so, how can i make a layer that will show all the footpaths i've added?

(05 Mar '15, 21:07) asafche

This is one of the paths you have added and it looks fine so it should show up in the default time but it seems there is currently a delay in the map updating.

It is showing on the "Humanitarian" map layer.

(05 Mar '15, 21:53) LivingWithDr...

@asafche: Likely you just have to wait (and/or clear your browser's cache). Please provide a location/object link.

(05 Mar '15, 21:54) aseerel4c26 ♦

@LivingWithDragons: do you know why its on the Humanitarian map layer?

(05 Mar '15, 21:59) asafche

@asafche: All layers use the same data but each layer is updated individually. Usually the default layer is updated the fastest but not always, depending on the current server load.

(06 Mar '15, 10:36) scai ♦

I suspect that the problem here is actually a timing one - see this question for a detailed answer. Footpaths are something that's generally shown on the main map, so they should appear, provided that they have been tagged correctly. As aseerel4c26 said above, if you provide a link to the area we'll be able to check that.

(adding to this now that we know the location)

If you zoom in to a reasonable amount (your zoom level 18 link is fine) and then select the layer switcher (the "stack of books" at the right). You can then tick a box for "map data" and some blue lines will appear. You can click on them, and that allows you to link to an object, such as your new footpath. It looks like it's tagged correctly to me, so will show up when the rendering servers (which are very busy right now) get around to it. It normally happens fast than it's happening at the moment.

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answered 05 Mar '15, 21:46

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SomeoneElse ♦
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edited 05 Mar '15, 21:59

note, that my linked question (and answer) explains both causes (not rendered on the x map and update time)

(05 Mar '15, 21:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

is there i way to make sure they have been tagged correctly?

(05 Mar '15, 21:56) asafche

I can see your path. ctrl F5 helped. comparing the tags on an existing path may help see if you have it right, but the tagging may be different for other reasons, such as horses or cycles may be allowed or not.

(06 Mar '15, 00:11) andy mackey

@aseerel4c26 It doesn't effectively communicate that. It does, in a lower paragraph, say "Check if the map you are using shows the update interval or actual date and time" but it's mostly about "I've mapped something that isn't rendered on the main map; how do I see it".

(06 Mar '15, 10:25) SomeoneElse ♦

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