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Hello. Are there any ways to correctly tag an area, where driving school instructors teach newbie drivers? If I tag the whole area as amenity=driving_school then for some reason this whole territory disappears from the map, which we can see on openstreetmap.org. If I tag it as amenity=parking, then the territory is showing up, but actually it is not a parking area, so the tagging will be incorrect.

asked 04 Mar '15, 21:39

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Sergey Karavay
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I am not sure about the location situation here. I guess it would look somehow like a parking space in reality?! I think we do not have such in Germany, at least not for most driving schools. Is it just a practical practise area and the main driving school (theory, office) is somewhere else in the city? Then this tagging can be hard to do. One driving school should not get two objects being tagged as driving_school. A possible way would be to map the school as a multipolygon with that tag.

(05 Mar '15, 00:37) aseerel4c26 ♦

The tags you choose for any object should in most cases reflect the current method of tagging seen in the wiki and in Taginfo. The tag amenity=driving_school has been used about 10,000 times so it would appear to be the correct tagging. The reason "it disappears from the map" is because that tag is not being rendered at the present time. There's really not much you can do about that except to hope that it will be one day or work toward getting the powers that be to add rendering for driving schools.

While that is frustrating, because we all want to see what we add to OSM, you shouldn't resort to tagging something merely to make it show up on the map or your GPS. OSM calls that "mapping for the renderer" which is frowned upon for many reasons. You have already said that in a different way in your last statement:

" If I tag it as amenity=parking, then the territory is showing up, but actually it is not a parking area, so the tagging will be incorrect."


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answered 05 Mar '15, 00:26

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It's not clear to me if the original question refers to the actual school facility, or a private area for learning to drive outside of regular traffic. Some aspects (e.g. the comparison with a parking area and the phrasing "this whole territory") make me assume that it might be the latter, in which case amenity=driving_school would actually not be the correct tag.

(06 Mar '15, 01:22) Tordanik

@Tordanik: yes, I think that is the what I am commenting on in my comment below the question. It would be good if @Sergey could clarify this.

(06 Mar '15, 01:58) aseerel4c26 ♦

I suppose that is a possibility but then, as you correctly state aseerel, the tagging becomes difficult. Creating a relation is a big pain and it won't necessarily give him what he wants either, which is to see the area on a map.

Sergey? What say you?

(06 Mar '15, 08:15) AlaskaDave

Strange, I dud not get any notifications about this comments. Driving schools (in Belarus for this case) have a special territory with different obstacles there to learn different driving techniques. It looks like a big territory covered with asphalt (almost like simple parking)

(06 Sep '17, 08:36) Sergey Karavay

amenity=driving_school does appear to be the tag people are using for driving schools.

Don't worry about it not showing up on the main map. There are many other maps based on the OpenStreetMap data and some of them may show objects with this tag. The most important thing is to tag the object correctly.

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answered 05 Mar '15, 00:06

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… and map styles change: it may show up even on the standard OSM.org map at some day.

(05 Mar '15, 00:18) aseerel4c26 ♦
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