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I would like to use an osm Garmin .img that renders the residential building addr:housenumber tag to check them.
Is there such a thing?
I was hoping not to have to produce a custom kmz map for it.

asked 04 Mar '15, 06:31

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Thorsten Kukuk has a mkgmap style file for an address overlay, If you are familiar with generating Garmin maps with mkgmap you can use this style.

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answered 04 Mar '15, 12:48

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Thanks ligfietser :)

(04 Mar '15, 12:58) nevw

You're welcome, recently someone asked the same question on the Dutch OSM forum: (use google translate) Other alternatives are overpass api to create gpx file from the address pois or a smartphone with Osmand to check those housenumbers.

(04 Mar '15, 13:38) ligfietser

I have listed the steps below that I took to get an OSM based Garmin map with house numbers rendered to aid checking the mapped house numbers in my area as I found it a bit of a trial to follow all the unix scripts that Thorsten uses to automate his map making. I only needed a simpler process for just my local area in Australia.

This .img produced, being just the numbers, is enabled and overlays any another .img extracted elsewhere that has the house polygons or points rendered.

I used the Thorsten Kukuk mkgmap style archive file listed at the bottom of the table at for an address overlay.

I use an OS X iMac..

  • Downloaded the local area as Josm_save.osm file using JOSM. This is too small to require splitting.
  • In the tk-osm file make an inc directory under /address/style and copy an address file to it. The one under tk-osm/basemap/style/inc would probably be ok, though I used the one from the default mkgmap directory.
  • Install Typviewer (I had to install this using the Wine/Winebottler app because the 2 typ editors that I know of are windows apps)
  • Open /tk-osm/address/address.txt in Typviewer and save it as a .typ file. I also changed the font size to large.

Run this mkgmap script…

/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java -jar /Applications/mkgmap-r3409/mkgmap.jar —gmapsupp —style-file=/Applications/mkgmap-tk-osm/tk-osm/address —style=style —list-styles —transparent —description=“tkaddress” —family-id=7129 --product-id=1 --draw-priority=15 --mapname=71212001 --family-name="OpenStreetmap Mkgmap" --series-name="Josm " --area-name="local " --route --drive-on=left --link-pois-to-ways --index --housenumbers --add-pois-to-areas /Applications/mkgmap-tk-osm/tk-osm/address/address2.typ --output-dir=/Users/mydirectory/Documents/JOSM/Save_OSM_file/ /Users/mydirectory/Documents/JOSM/Save_OSM_file/Josm_save.osm (a lot of these switches are not needed for the overlay but were in my file to begin with anyway)

rename the gmapsupp.img file to something that won't overwrite files on your GPSr.

…hope this works for you and a big thank you to Thorsten for all the work he has put in to the mkgmap process

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answered 08 Mar '15, 12:31

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It's way easier to have most of the mkgmap parameters in a file, see the wiki page for how.

(08 Mar '15, 21:20) SK53 ♦

Thank you for the helpful HowTo
For having the adress.txt as typ file you just need to run
java -jar mkgmap.jar adress.txt
This creates address.typ.
(Found this fact in the German forum)
But: The resulting img my Garmin doesn't display. Loading and exporting it with QLandkarteGT creates a visible map, though.

@SK53: a link to the matching wiki page would be helpful.

(25 Oct '15, 21:01) malenki

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