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Hi there,

I'm confused about mapping CCTV / surveilance cameras: Here in Germany most of fuel stations, banks, train- or subway stations are monitored using cameras.
The wiki notices that it should be used to explicitly tag the cams for this kind of objects. But isn t that redundant and "implicit" by this object categories?

Do you map cams at such places?

P.S. There doesn't seem to be a general discussion / consensus on this genereal topic at the wiki?

asked 03 Mar '15, 21:48

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Most buildings have entrances and most cities have streets, so why are we mapping them at all? ;)

(04 Mar '15, 07:56) scai ♦

To indicate the location of a surveillance camera, you need to explicitly tag a node with man_made=surveillance. I don't see how you can implicitly mark the locations of discrete objects. For example, how would one render "there's probably a camera somewhere around here, but we're not really sure where"? That wouldn't seem very useful. :)

As for whether to map them, that seems like something that would be better discussed in the Mailing lists.

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answered 03 Mar '15, 22:51

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Well, an implicit detection would be e.g. highlightning such objects as "under surveillance" and don't tag them as such?

(04 Mar '15, 06:11) iii

as you write "most fuel stations", it means not all. So assuming that they all have camera's would be wrong, not ? And perhaps in other countries maybe only a few have camera's. And maybe in other countries all jewelries have camera's. I would go explicit mapping.

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answered 04 Mar '15, 06:29

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The intention is to map a node of the location for each camera. Additional tags are also encouraged that describe elements such as the operating organisation of the camera (e.g. the business or the local authority) and the zone of interest.

Remember that OpenStreetMap data is not just used to render map images, some potential uses of CCTV data might be...

  • How many cameras are within 10 metres of me.
  • How many cameras are in my city, state, or country.
  • In such an area, what is the number/percentage of each type of camera.
  • I saw where a camera was positioned, but who is the operator so I can get the recordings.
  • Have the cameras in an area increased or decreased over time.

Some of those uses might need OpenStreetMap to be complete, others may be okay if the camera of interest happens to be mapped or an acceptable sample are mapped. However, the community likes to think about possibilities and then strives to reach the required completeness. You can help if you choose to start mapping CCTV cameras.

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answered 05 Mar '15, 21:46

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