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I need to get info about region that i chose like it work in "". But i don't want to download all base of country, i need to use fidler data about a regions. Can i use some tools in my site to get ready queri from OSM in JS.

asked 03 Mar '15, 13:05

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Could you explain in a little more detail what it is that you'd actually like to do? It looks like you may think that "" is just a web site - it's not. Try reading these, and some of the links from them:

The chances are that you can either download the data that you want, or query a web service externally from to get the data that you're interested in. However, we can't help you unless you use a few more words explaining your goal.

(03 Mar '15, 13:11) SomeoneElse ♦

I hawe a web site where i need to anilyze a teretorii in radius. I want to gat info about a buildings in this radius in some XML file or any als way, but i dont want to download a base with info about all buildings in country (files with expansion .osm). On site i use leaflet API to work with map.

(03 Mar '15, 14:01) One_of_coder

Overpass Turbo might be able to help you. You can specific certain objects/tags, and certain regions.

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answered 03 Mar '15, 15:05

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I'm guessing raw Overpass more than turbo, but other than that yes:

(03 Mar '15, 15:39) SomeoneElse ♦

May be i don't anderstand, but how can i take this request to my site? I just need to get info into my site about some region without using base, in online mode.

(04 Mar '15, 16:26) One_of_coder

I would suggest the following:

After reading everything about overpass-api and overpass-turbo in the OSM wiki, try to create a simple query for a small area that delivers the data you need, for example only buildings. Try to create that query in overpass-turbo, maybe the wizard mode is helpful there.

When you succeeded in that, tell us your query there, and we can help you how to integrate in your website.

(04 Mar '15, 17:43) stephan75

@One_of_coder Overpass API can return JSON which your website should be able to parse.

@stephan75 "Reading everything" is slightly exaggerated :)

(05 Mar '15, 08:12) scai ♦

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