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HI all, I am interested in cleaning up the building traces at UC Davis, California, by using their official GIS shapefile which was derived from AutoCAD files. This shapefile is public domain and therefore OK to use in OSM.

You can see the shapefile in their official campus map as a layer in Google Maps here: (It's all of the brown buildings)

As you can probably tell, these building polygons are more accurate than the user-contributed satellite traces currently in OSM.

What would be the most efficient workflow for me to correct each of these building polygons with the vector data from this official shapefile?

Thanks for your advice!

asked 26 Feb '15, 18:51

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I have not verified how large that area is, but generally I would start in the OSM wiki about Import Gudelines.

Read carefully there, and try to get in contact with local mappers in the US community.

When that area is not too small, you can open a new sub article in OSM wiki and document all your workflow, thus others can evaluate and assist if necessary.

EDIT: see also Import/Software, Shapefiles and Converting_map_data_between_formats ... and urgently recommended to use/preview in JOSM offline editor, not in potlatch2 or iD.

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answered 26 Feb '15, 19:50

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Thanks, this is a great set of general guidelines.

I am still looking for a more technical and detailed set of workflow instructions for adding a large amount of polygons from a shapefile. e.g., Do I have to import them as a background layer using Potlatch2 and then adjust each polygon by hand to line up with my shapefile, or is there a way I can automate this process?

(26 Feb '15, 21:38) MattSidor

I would recommend JOSM for this type of work. JOSM can import shapefiles(via OpenData plugin and you can replace existing geometry with new geometry with the UtilsPlugin2

(27 Feb '15, 06:32) escada

The area and number of polygons doesn't look too large. It might be easier and faster to just "manually import" it. You can use JOSM to load a shapefile data with the OpenData plugin, then replace the geometry on buildings that are already there with the UtilsPlugins2. If there is no building in OSM, then just copy it directly.

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answered 27 Feb '15, 09:02

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