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Frankly, I'm finding it difficult to report an error on the opencycle map tiles - that's all I need to do, this isn't a question. If you zoom into near 34.693003, -92.229023, around Sweet Home, Arkansas, there is a label for "North Little Rock." This label needs to be removed, because North Little Rock is north of the Arkansas River. It probably needs to read "Little Rock."

asked 26 Feb '15, 00:59

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It must be a style issue with opencycle, because when I go to edit OSM I don't see it. Sorry, I had a few beers when I sent the original message. Thanks for the response and your patience. I will contact Andy.

(27 Feb '15, 00:43) Nate

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opencyclemap uses OSM data plus its styles. So, is there an error in the OSM data (which is used by many maps)? Or is it a style error? For me this is not that clear in your text.

If it is a data error you can fix it yourself (but please do not try to optimize only for the cyclemap but instead for correct data).

If the error is in the style of the cycle map, please contact the map maker Andy, see .

I had a look in the data: I only found two objects in that area which have this name: and . Both are more north So, I cannot explain from where this label is coming. You could wait for more comments here, but likely Andy has to be asked.

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answered 26 Feb '15, 03:24

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I checked with Overpass API and there is really no such label at this point. Maybe a bug in OpenCycleMap?

(26 Feb '15, 07:46) scai ♦

@scai: yup, I used an overpass turbo query for this name, with the result as mentioned above. Strange, strange …

(26 Feb '15, 13:34) aseerel4c26 ♦

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