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I haVe embeded a OSM-POI in a Website using the Iframe-Method (Export to HTML).

In Firefox and Chrome this works like a charm. In Inernet Explorer (versions 10 and 11) the iframe remains grey.

If i open the embeded url ( in a new Browser Window i get the following error in the javascript console:

SCRIPT5009: "OSM" ist undefiniert
Datei: embed-5dc5be9a8305fd6a9248aec4b2960eca.js, Zeile: 4, Spalte: 32013

Example Website (in german):

Is there something wrong with osm's embed.html?

EDIT: It seems other Browsers have the same Problem. The reason why it worked in FF an Chrome was because elements were retrieved from cache.

EDIT 2: The Javascript error is related with setting markers. If i open the url (without &marker=48.55201942461214%2C15.424504280090332) the map shows up. Firefox javascript error with marker:

ReferenceError: OSM is not defined
Line 4
...arker(e.marker.split(","),{icon:L.icon({iconUrl:OSM.MARKER_ICON,iconSize:new L.P...

EDIT 3: Now (14:55) the Bug is fixed.

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asked 24 Feb '15, 11:04

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and what is the fix to the bug?! Let others with the same problem know it. Update: thanks, @Vincent!

(24 Feb '15, 14:45) aseerel4c26 ♦

Separately reported and fixed.

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answered 24 Feb '15, 16:50

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