I'm trying to import the us-midwest-latest.osm.pbf extract from geofabrik into a Postgres database. I can import metro or even individual state extracts. I downloaded this regional extract from a few different days just to make sure I didn't have a bad extract. I guess there is no guarantee the extract may not have problems.

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 in a VirtualBox VM. The VM has been allocated 10GB of RAM and a 15GB disk. The extract is 950MB. The values following the word "data" in the error message have never been the same throughout the dozen or so times over the last few days that I tried importing this extract.

Here is the osm2pgsql command I used:

osm2pgsql -H localhost --slim  --hstore-all -d midwest_from_osm -U postgres -W ~/Downloads/us-midwest-latest.osm.pbf

I tried using --slim and -C with values from 1024 up to 4096.

Here are two screen captures from two attempts this evening. Any solutions or suggestions for how I can troubleshot this problem? Thanks!

alt text

alt text

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The error refers to the PostgreSQL "COPY" instruction see http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.2/static/sql-copy.html osm2pgsql uses this intensively to load data in to the database.

So likely this indicates issues with the PostgreSQL setup/or the maschine you are running it on, NOT with the input data. Next thing to do is to check your PostgreSQL logs for errors (informed guess: you are running out of disk).

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answered 24 Feb '15, 09:38

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Just to add to this - 15GB disk is really small. If you buy a phone, it'll probably have more storage than this.

(25 Feb '15, 12:39) SomeoneElse ♦
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