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I'm trying to figure out how to change the tags and location on another user's way and nodes. I'm using the editor Vespucci and it only shows ways and nodes that I created.

asked 23 Feb '15, 14:55

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Are you looking for a solution for Vespucci specifically? Obviously that is not the case for most other editors (and I guess also not for Vespucci).

(23 Feb '15, 15:01) aseerel4c26 ♦

Well if other editors don't have this problem I guess so. So I have to use a desktop editor as opposed to an Android editor to accomplish this? Vespucci works great adding things and editing things I already added, but other user's objects are not clickable. I'm just trying to change a highway path tag to a foot and bicycle tag and separate a section of trail that is in the swamp.

(23 Feb '15, 15:08) MountainAddict

I have to say that you are likely doing something rather wrong.

You always need to download the area you want to edit in before you change/add anything. The download will include all data (including that from other users naturally) in the area selected.

Current vespucci versions will complain rather bitterly if you create or edit objects outside of the downloaded area, so you would normally notice the issue.

If we are misunderstanding you, could you supply a link to the area in question (from and the vespucci version you are using (go to "Advanced preferences" to see that).

permanent link

answered 23 Feb '15, 15:12

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Oh ok, I didn't know you had to download the area. I did that and I was able to edit what needed to be edited. As soon as I downloaded the area everything came up ready to be edited. Thanks!!

(23 Feb '15, 15:23) MountainAddict

I noticed that you added a number of ways with a sole cycleway=lane tag, that is likely not what you wanted to do. cycleway=lane is an additional property of an existing way, not a standalone way.

If you have access to irc I would suggest joining the osm channel for quick support see

Further our mailing lists are always a good source of information see , finally you should have a look at our wiki;

(23 Feb '15, 15:57) SimonPoole ♦

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