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How can I map a turn restriction from a standard (tertiary) way to another standard tertiary way, via a roundabout?

I tried doing this in JOSM in all kinds of ways: 1. using the roundabout as the "via" role 2. using each of the roundabout's nodes as "via" nodes 3. A combination of 1 and 2 4. using the roundabout as the "from" role

All these options were rejected by the validation when I tried uploading.

Any ideas?

Here is the link:

The area in question is the 250m street section enclosed by the roundabout and the T juncture.

I'm afraid a oneway setting won't work. The street is not one way.

There is a street market in this area on weekdays. If you come to either end of this section you'll see a sign saying something like "No entry except for public-service vehicles. In-force Sunday-Thursday, 7:00-18:00". Of course, on off-days and off-hours the street is two-way and open to everyone, and it's always two-way and open to psv's.

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What you describe is more an "access restriction" along the street than a "turn restriction" at the intersection. Have a look on the wiki about access restrictions on time and vehicles. The "turn restriction" relation is only required if the concerned street (way) does not contain already a restriction like a oneway or access tag.

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You should map turn restrictions from a way to a way via a node that is the end point of both ways. You might have to split the ways to make the via node an endpoint. If you have more complicated situations you might need more then one turn restriction.

The validation is another topic. It cannot "reject" anything, it only gives you recommendations. Sometimes the validator is wrong, but I agree it is difficult to judge on this if you are not yet sure yourself how to map a specific situation.

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answered 25 Mar '11, 22:37

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I split the roundabout to two half-circle ways, at the node where it intersects with the restricted road (the "to" way), and added a no-right-turn restriction between the roundabout and the restricted road at that node.

Seems to work.

(25 Mar '11, 23:01) gile

@gile: I'm not sure if I can imagine the situation you are trying to map, but it sounds to me as if you were better off with a simple oneway instead of a turn restriction. Would you mind pasting a link to the spot?

(25 Mar '11, 23:58) dieterdreist

You have to know that many contributors simply ignore JOSM validator warnings. Please don't split a roundabout just to make this tool happy. "Don't tag for the renderer" means also "don't tag for validator happyness".

(19 May '11, 10:22) Pieren

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