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Hi I'm using Windows 7 Pro and Chrome Version 40.0.2214.111 m. Lately, I've been having more and more trouble using the iD editor.

I cannot edit existing features. I click on them and it does not select them. Their nodes do not highlight also the contextual pop-up does not show. Nothing can be done.

I can make new features and as long as they remain a selected feature I can edit them like normal.

Any ideas as to what is going on? I never have this problem on my MacBook and Safari.

asked 18 Feb '15, 19:39

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aseerel4c26 ♦

that may be the same as issue 2596 "Click to select (item) failure" (although, if I read correctly, a restart of chrome fixes it).

(29 Apr '15, 16:43) aseerel4c26 ♦

I KNOW I'm responding to an old question, but since it's still open, I feel this info is VERY relevant and adds to the discussion.

I have been having the same issue happen in Chrome - and it reappears not long after updating my Chrome version.
I've noticed that it seems to trigger when I have unsaved changes that are slowing down iD - and I'm trying to select things (a tag, for instance) before the browser is making it available. A browser close (COMPLETE close - kill any chrome instances in Task Manager as well) will fix the issue...
BUT I've discovered that a SHIFT-click to select will work in a pinch if you're trying to finish something before you save. Thought that might save some of us some aggravation when this happens - it definitely does so for me.

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answered 28 Mar '17, 20:05

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How does iD perform on other win browsers you have tried? From my experience I have needed to swap between a few to date before settling on one that works or trawl through the setting to fix functioning.

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answered 18 Feb '15, 23:14

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I have the same problem with Opera. The graphical selection of existing objects is impossible. Only if you can find the Object with a name or an adress it is possible to select an existing object.

With best regards Thomas G.M. Mainka

(20 Feb '15, 05:10) tgmm

FWIW, I just had the same problem in Chrome on Windows 7 in iD: unable to select roads to edit. Firefox seems to work. I searched OSM for recommended browsers, all I found is that iD doesn't work well in IE.

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answered 29 Apr '15, 16:10

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Steve Bower
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you can find info about browsers on .

(29 Apr '15, 16:40) aseerel4c26 ♦

Update to 42.0.2311.135, I just did updated mine today. You're using the old version. Click the button in the top right corner with three horizontal bars, then click "About Google Chrome", and it should update. That may solve the problem.

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answered 29 Apr '15, 16:40

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...and I see that this question is from several months ago. facepalm

(29 Apr '15, 16:42) AmaryllisGar...

Thank you very much Amaryllis. I had the same problem and could fix it with your hint. Didn't even see, that my Chrome is out of date.

(16 Mar '17, 18:41) rene78

Just in case it is not known to everybody: you could use another editor instead of iD.

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answered 29 Apr '15, 16:46

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