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Hi guys! I am a total noob of openstreetmap, but I am realizing what a great tool it is! here the question: For university purposes, my thesis, I am looking for a topographic map of a certain area. The kind of maps provided by are already awesome. I would need a 1:50000 scale map. Is it possible to extract it through the share button? I would prefer a vector file, like a svg but everything else is more than welcome! I tried to use the share option couple of time, but it says that the server is busy. Do you know any other way to get a proper topographic map from Openstreetmap? Thank you in Advance


asked 15 Feb '15, 13:23

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I have the same problem too. Since one week it isn't possible to Download an extract of a map.


(15 Feb '15, 14:40) wokrie

Generally, the share (export) function on only relates to the 'Standard' style. Since other styles aren't hosted on the core OSM servers, it's not possible for the site to create the exported images.

If you say what area you're interested in, and provide some details about your technical skill level, people will be able to advise you further.

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answered 15 Feb '15, 17:38

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Richard ♦
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First of all thank you for answering to my question. :) Now, what I would need is a 1:50000 topographic map of a certain area. From the share function I saw that I could download a SVG file, a nice vector file to elaborate after in ArcGIS for my purpose. But even a raster with a fair resolution would be great. Anyway, if the share option will work again, when I export a svg file from a opencyclemap (because here there are the topographic line that I need), would I get a vector of the lines?

(15 Feb '15, 18:40) Alberto1989

As I explained, you cannot download a (vector or raster) file of the OpenCycleMap style, only the Standard style.

(15 Feb '15, 18:42) Richard ♦

When doing a search on this FAQ site for key words like SVG, PDF, Illustrator, print, paper, book etc. ... you can get many hints about high resolution printings based on OSM.

But I am not sure to get a specific map via those solutions looking like opencyclemap.

Maybe you can see the OSM wiki about "Tiles", "OSM on paper", bigmap / bigmap2, Nik4, Maperitive

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answered 16 Feb '15, 16:45

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