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I installed the Gosmore engine as it says in that web pag(i built an apache server),but it did not work. i am not very sure about my operation. Gosmore can not find the Pak file.

asked 25 Mar '11, 19:30

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Did you see the description of gosmores CGI interface in the wiki?

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answered 25 Mar '11, 19:36

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Yes ,i read it,but i am not very clear. when i installed the engine´╝îi just read the pag

(25 Mar '11, 19:44) monument

All that tells you is "install gosmore" and "make a pak file available". The other site tells you how you actually can "talk" to gosmore in a programm.

(25 Mar '11, 19:53) petschge

thank you for your guidance, but Gosmore show that it did not find the pak file,is there anything wrong with my operation?

(25 Mar '11, 20:10) monument

I don't know. You didn't really tell use how and where you installed gosmore and which pak file you used and where it is stored.

(25 Mar '11, 20:15) petschge

i want to upload the pictures, did not show the pictures,all red X.....

(25 Mar '11, 20:40) monument

By the way , this page is an example in linux,is there any help for windows, i got the gosmore for windows....

(25 Mar '11, 21:01) monument

For all I know the CGI interface of apache works the same whether on linux or on windows.

(26 Mar '11, 08:59) petschge
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Firstly note that I forked YOURS to make the Routing Demo. You can grab my latest tarball. My changes include support for IE, restricting jQuery to it's own namespace, making routes dragable and many bug fixes.

The best way to install gosmore is to follow the instructions on the Gosmore wiki page, i.e. svn co, configure and make. The "make install" step is not necessary. Then rebuild with an extract and test it e.g.

QUERY_STRING="flat=45.303213&flon=-63.304713&tlat=44.6890011&tlon=-63.8092375fast=1&v=motorcar" ./gosmore

Although there are scripts for rebuilding the complete planet (in 2 sections), it is strongly advised that you use the shared infrastructure.

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answered 28 Mar '11, 15:14

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Nic Roets
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