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I came across this node today with only these tags ...


The lake itself is of no particular interest and is just part of the main watercourse

Does it serve as an aid to a Nominatim search or to routing engines? It does no harm I guess and are these common elsewhere.

Should I leave alone or delete it or attach them to the lake boundary instead or probably more suitable on the locality name? If these are necessary, would the addr: tags be more suitable.

asked 10 Feb '15, 09:15

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edited 11 Feb '15, 06:50

The question has been closed for the following reason "is_in= - describes a hierarchy where xxx is located, the is_in-concept is generally considered outdated." by nevw 10 Feb '15, 10:08

"is_in" is/was a work around problems when OSM didn't have boundary polygons for anything.

Given that AUS has such (boundaries) for both for the country and the state in question, the tags can be removed, particularly since they don't seem to be attached to anything useful.

Naturally simply leaving them untouched doesn't hurt either. Editing creates a new version so you don't really save any DB space, best to remove such stuff when you are editing the object in question in any case.

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answered 10 Feb '15, 10:12

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(and for completeness) the reason that it hs only those tags is that previous ones were removed as part of the licence change process:

I'm guessing that it was a place name of some sort, and has probably been replaced by a newer node (probably one of the ones you added!).

(10 Feb '15, 10:57) SomeoneElse ♦

Ok. I will fix it and relevant location tags up soon

(10 Feb '15, 11:24) nevw

errant node deleted now Thanks for assistance

(11 Feb '15, 06:51) nevw

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