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I went to fill in a gap in a new development today and got a surprise. It took a while to figure out what was going on. The two facing sides of a new residential road appear to have been given different names.

The way is 23291718, Cotswold Way, Great Ashby, Stevenage, hopefully in the middle of this view: At the side of the road all way round the outside of the small closed loop are signs for 'Cotswold Way'. At the side of the same road all the way round the inside of the same loop are signs for 'Haycock Round'. The only sane interpretation is that houses on the outside have a different street address from the inside. This is not normal in the UK.

How would the panel suggest I tag this so that searches can find both names, and that both names render ? Failing that, on the basis of 'tag what is there', what is the best way to tag this? Note that neither name is 'alternate', they both have essentially equal status.

I did search for any existing discussion, but none I found addressed this situation.

(I also see I need to go back and check where Cheviot Way ends.)

asked 25 Mar '11, 18:18

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Alan Vos
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I have now added both names as a multivalued tag (semicolon between values) to see what happens.

(25 Mar '11, 19:29) Alan Vos

I had a similar situation in Cyprus. The highway=residential had no name. The residential block on one side of the road was called by the deveolpers Sunshine Gardens and the other side, lets say Sea View Vilas. I had no idea how to map this configuration so I just ignored it and did nothing. Not very clever or satisfying, I do admit! Sometimes our north European way of organising does not fit others cultures.

(25 Mar '11, 21:53) dcp

You can tag the streetnames as name:left and name:right, to show they only apply to one side of the road (where left and right is relative to the direction of the way). These tags will probably not be used by (most) renderers, but are used by some search tools, eg Nominatim.

It might be helpful to also add a name tag, with whatever the "main" name is (which will be rendered). Though if as you say they are of equal status, its debatable what this should be - listing both names in this tag seems reasonable.

Also, if possible, you can map the individual addresses on this street. eg map all of the houses, and tag them with addr:housenumber / addr:housename plus addr:street for the street they are part of. Then this will allow searching for complete addresses for both streetnames.

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answered 25 Mar '11, 21:06

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Thanks, that is worth investigating.

(25 Mar '11, 22:11) Alan Vos

Sorry for the late reply. You should post a report on FixMyStreet, asking why the street names are different, pointing-out the problem of Ambulances etc not noticing they've got the right street.

I've seen this before, where a road is called XXX at one end, and YYY at the other, with a "soft handoff" of names at some point in the middle. However, these have all been on old lanes, not new build on a new housing estate !

Another point. Is it possible that one of the names actually refers to a footpath (and that's the actual postal address), but the houses with that address acctually back (front?) onto a differently named road.

Another other point. Have you inspected the numbering of the houses on the road(s) ? Do they "work" as if it were all one road, or are there "two number ones" etc ? Are they odd/even on one/both sides of the road.


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answered 27 Jul '11, 10:30

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