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Is there a way to turn on the satellite layer? I want what's on the 'Cycle Map' layer without the cycle paths.

asked 07 Feb '15, 15:34

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closed 07 Feb '15, 16:40

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cycle map without cycle paths?! So, you mean, just some kind of basic road/path map overlay over a satellite image layer? Or do you want just the highlighted cycle routes in a map overlay over a satellite image layer?

(07 Feb '15, 15:46) aseerel4c26 ♦

No, I don't care at all about the cycle paths, but it's the only map that happens to have a satellite layer.

(07 Feb '15, 16:12) nnyby

Hmm, I am still not fully sure what you want, but I will try:

OpenStreetMap (OSM) itself does not offer/is not about satellite image layers. OSM is just about map data. However, since this map data can be freely used (while respecting the license), many services exist which offer a satellite layer and OSM-based layers, which you sometimes can overlay over sat images.

Please see that older question (with more answers): how-can-i-see-the-aerial-imagery-without-editing-the-map

(07 Feb '15, 16:31) aseerel4c26 ♦

I'm just looking for the OpenStreetMap equivalent to the "Satellite view" in Google Maps.

(07 Feb '15, 17:26) nnyby

Ah, okay. OpenStreetMap is different from Google Maps. Google Maps is all in one company. OpenStreetMap is a organization of volunteers, who collect geographical data which is used to make many different maps, routing, …. As of now we have no own satellites in the sky. Strictly taken answer is: there is no equivalent. Looking a bit more relaxed at the question, see the links in my comment above. For example, use "Mapbox labelled satellite" at OSRM's main instance.

(07 Feb '15, 18:58) aseerel4c26 ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question, if I understood correctly" by aseerel4c26 07 Feb '15, 16:40

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