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Ok, so I am new. I just want to make a map of London with my special interest items only. How do I get rid of all the other stuff like bus stops, pubs, etc.? Also, can i just make a map for me or does the world get to see it?

asked 25 Mar '11, 13:41

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When you say "a map" do you mean:

o A web site that you can browse to a see the information that you want?

o An image (JPG/PNG/whatever) showing the data that you want?

o A piece of paper?

o Something else - perhaps a map in a format that can be understood by a dedicated hand-held GPS device?

You can do all of those things, but a bit more information about what you intend to do would mean that you got more specific answers.

Alternatively, is it perhaps a "licence" question - "if I create a map showing XYZ data do I have to publish it somewhere?"?

(25 Mar '11, 15:26) SomeoneElse ♦

Rendering maps is covered in the Beginners Guide 1.5. Also see the list of Rendering software.

You may also find an answer by looking at questions tagged rendering.

To summarize, you can make a map for yourself using an appropriate renderer on your own computer.

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answered 25 Mar '11, 14:48

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The quick answer is render your own maps.

The longer answer.

The maps displayed on the main OSM page represent particular cartographic choices made by the people who design and implement the various map layers ('mapnik', 'osmarender' and OpenCycleMap). They serve two main purposes: helping map contributors, and illustrating that OSM data can be used in different ways. These maps are all bitmaps, so although there is a recognisable cartographic symbol for different features on the map, they are not strictly icons.

There are numerous ways that you can make your own maps, but usually people start with an easy to use tool such as Kosmos or Maperitive, and then work through Osmarender to Mapnik. This is a rough ordering of the degree of complexity (software, technical knowledge, effort required).

Other map providers (e.g., Cloudmade, Open MapQuest) may also have tiles which are suitable for your purposes. For instance, Cloudmade also offer a (limited) customisable map.

Questions related to adding icons will also contain other related information.

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answered 03 May '11, 18:02

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Note: this was written in answer to another query & has been copied here to bring relevant answers in the same place.

(03 May '11, 18:03) SK53 ♦

Map Composer would very probably cover your needs. Without going into details you can leave anything out, you can lay down how the wanted data is rendered, even designing you own icons. Try it! It is fun and will keep you occupied for a long time.

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answered 27 Mar '11, 20:33

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