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There appear to be quite a few user accounts that exist solely for the purpose of BEING spam themselves. I found while searching for something else; account was created over 2 years ago, has no edits; the only thing to the account is the spammy user profile description. Does anyone know how to have accounts like that removed?

asked 26 Jan '15, 23:18

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Jack the Ripper
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The most effective way seems to be mention it on the IRC channel #osm-dev. Usually accounts of this type create spam diary entries; this one doesn't seem to be doing that.

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answered 26 Jan '15, 23:24

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SomeoneElse ♦
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No, it's just sitting there being spam. Another one is

I'll report it there when I get my IRC client reinstalled. Thanks for the pointer.

(26 Jan '15, 23:34) Jack the Ripper
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answered 27 Jan '15, 00:30

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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Except that none of the system admins actually read that page.....

(07 Feb '15, 21:32) SimonPoole ♦

?! Why not ? Is not that the complaint, some directors without a course and no followers ?

(07 Feb '15, 23:36) Hendrikklaas

@SimonPoole: they do not? Yes, that could really be the case currently. Then please let's ask them to. That would be a more efficient channel than IRC, wouldn't it? (async, batch, targeted to the right people). Update: Tom has taken care of the whole list now.

(08 Feb '15, 01:37) aseerel4c26 ♦

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