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Hi I am trying to locate a canal map layer that I can use in Garmin Basecamp. There do seem to be some about but no obvious downloadable one?

asked 26 Jan '15, 14:39

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aseerel4c26 ♦

could you mention the ones you have found?

(26 Jan '15, 14:41) aseerel4c26 ♦

@mickyduck: no, I cannot find one (and I am not aware of Garmin maps from ito).

(26 Jan '15, 16:13) aseerel4c26 ♦

I would have thought that OSM on Garmin Downloads such as Talky Toaster's or the Openfiets Maps hiking or cycling maps that also show water must be helpful.... even if some boat related info isn't available.

(18 Sep '15, 17:46) andy mackey

There's a very old one at but I'm not aware of anything made from more recent data, I'm afraid.

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answered 26 Jan '15, 15:48

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Richard ♦
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I could not find some in our Garmin maps list. However, OpenSeaMap (in the OSM wiki) has Garmin waterway maps (found via the next link). I guess it includes "canals"!? It seems to be very current.

Maybe other waterway maps are useful to you: just use your browser's text serach (search "water" or "sea") on list of OSM-based Services.

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answered 26 Jan '15, 16:16

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The North Sea OpenSeaMap is a large download and does contain some canal information, but I suspect not all that a canal user might need, for instance water points, waste disposal & moorings.

(28 Jan '15, 12:44) SK53 ♦

Hi. Did you ever manage to find a Garmin-compatible map, for Basecamp or any other Garmin device? Andy Williams

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answered 06 Sep '15, 11:13

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Hi no I never did find one... I plotted our cycle route from Basingstoke to Kendal manually.... took a while and we have now cycled it so have accurate GPX files.

The link above seems dead and the other lets you view a map but not download as GPX files

(07 Sep '15, 09:49) mickyduck

I have just checked and the Grand Union is on waymarkedtrails

(18 Sep '15, 17:42) andy mackey

Found this thread and can offer the following, which comes with the caveat that is is from 2009.

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answered 18 Sep '15, 10:38

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I have downloaded that but would prefer to use it in Basecamp... I know that supposedly it can be split using lots of program steps.. but I have never been very successful making a gmapsupp.img into a basecamp map. Thanks anyway

(18 Sep '15, 12:07) mickyduck

On my Win7 PC running Basecamp It is fairly easy to get it to display the gmapsupp.img file. The gmapsupp.img needs to be in a connected Garmin device, or on a memory stick, or memory card that is connected. In Basecamp click device, and receive from device, it should work on that data for a few seconds and then you can click on Maps and it should be there, then select it.

(18 Sep '15, 12:46) andy mackey

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