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I would like to host a clone of OSM on my web server. I have searched the web for a solution but you need a super degree from haarvard to understand any of it.

I wish to have a 15 sq mile area that i can edit and add things that would not be normally allowed on the standard osm.

In simple terms I wish to have a website where I can host a specific area of openstreetmap and be able to edit the area to my liking, adding many other things that the the main osm map does not allow and also remove things that are not wanted.

I plan on making a map for a specific country estate and list all aspects of it from specific treets to holes in the ground and other things.

Obviously if i did that on the maon official map i would be banned and people would revert the changes., so this is why i am looking for a editable clone that I can change personally and hoest on my own server,

how do i go about this?, please give an idiots instruction please.

asked 26 Jan '15, 14:28

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You would do better to rephrase this question to explain what you're trying to do -- what is your end goal. As your question stands, you're unlikely to get a helpful answer since you've already assumed you need to run the full OSM stack to solve your problem.

(26 Jan '15, 14:38) Jonathan Ben...

i have updated the initial post

(26 Jan '15, 21:06) mini_egg

Unfortunately, I don't think there is an "easy" answer to "hosting a clone of the OSM website". You've probably already read this, which is the "start here" if you do want to do that, and it's not straightforward. There are a few other options, but first, have a read of this which explains a bit about the sort of processes that need to happen to turn the thing that you've edited into a pretty map for all to see.

Of the options that you've got, one might be uMap. There's information on that page and also here.

Another thing that might work if the area is small enough would be to edit the data locally using JOSM, OSM's offline editor. Obviously you don't want to upload that to OSM for the reasons that you've stated, but you can save the data as a local file and load a rendering database with it. That would set up a series of map tiles like one of OSM's tile layers; you'd then need to set up a web site to use them. TileMill is software that you can use for editing how these tiles look. Another more traditional GIS alternative is QGIS.

However, none of these options are straightforward, especially without some prior knowledge. It's a bit like playing the flute - it's a bit harder than blowing across the hole and moving your fingers up and down. There is of course one more option - paying someone else to do it. Some of the people on this list might be able to help - but I'm sure there are others.

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answered 26 Jan '15, 21:45

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I plan on making a map for a specific country estate and list all aspects of it from specific treets to holes in the ground and other things.

You may be able to add this stuff to OSM. People are already mapping individual trees, how tall they are, species, etc. So long as the data is correct (i.e. there actually is a tree there), then you could use the main OSM website.

Someone has already started OpenGeofiction, a clone of OSM for their own fantasy maps, which is open to lots of people. You could make your map there?

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answered 27 Jan '15, 09:02

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its a bit more complex than that, will be marking every area where specific flowers are found and also animals like water voles, so there would be a lot of markings similar to poi's, also things like different ferns on the hills and unusual features and i know they are not allowed on osm map.

(27 Jan '15, 19:41) mini_egg

i had a look at opengeofication and its not even a uk/world map its a fake map so no good to me

(27 Jan '15, 19:49) mini_egg

re: OpenGeofiction, my mistake. A common reason why people would want to map things that aren't appropriate for OSM, is because it's a fictional map, so I thought that might be good for you.

(28 Jan '15, 08:10) rorym

it would be fine to use if it was a uk map that could be edited but its not

(28 Jan '15, 22:39) mini_egg

For this kind of specialized work, I would really look at a solution outside the direct OSM infrastructure. The most logical one is probably QGIS, a Geographical Information System, that allows you to create any kind of custom map at will and to your desire.

QGIS also allows you to use the default OpenStreetMap rendering as a basic background in the form of an image-based webservice, and you can even download vector (point/line/polygon) data for it, but you will need to do your own styling afterwards (which may not be a bad thing for you, as it seems you desire to create a highly customized map suited to your own specific needs).

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answered 28 Jan '15, 10:54

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