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can some put a recycling logo on open street map the map like alt text

not like a blank one

asked 19 Jan '15, 22:15

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Sorry, your question is hard to understand. What does "on open street map the map" mean for you? Could you please use more words to explain this? Also please mention why you want to do this. Thank you!

(19 Jan '15, 22:26) aseerel4c26 ♦

There are various reasons (such as lack of space) why something that ought to appear on the "standard" rendering does not. Can you provide a link to something that should show up that doesn't, so that we can have a look and perhaps suggest what the problem is?

(23 Jan '15, 10:30) SomeoneElse ♦

You can map recycling facilities in OpenStreetMap, and in many renderings of the data this will show up as a symbol like the one you've posted. However, OpenStreetMap doesn't allow you to place arbitrary graphics at any point on the map.

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answered 19 Jan '15, 22:28

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ty jonathan

(19 Jan '15, 23:15) penuk

Unfortunately, you cannot add your own logos to OpenStreetMap. You can however map facilities, then export your saved changes into a GIS editing program such as QGIS. In QGIS, you can render any item with your own custom logos.

OpenStreetMap is a mapping repository where you can add, edit, share, and visualize data. You can then export that data into other programs to render a map, according to your desires.

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answered 23 Jan '15, 03:20

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I was not looking to put my own logo in I only like to point out that there is no pin for recycling

(23 Jan '15, 06:22) penuk

@penuk That's not correct. Objects with the tag amenity=recycling will show up on the standard layer with the logo from your question (a little brownish, though). Here is an example.

(23 Jan '15, 07:43) scai ♦

OK thanks for that

(23 Jan '15, 08:03) penuk

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