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Should a non existing traffic_calming_table get a tag ? The operator has made a look-a-like table with markings as such, but it’s flat and has in reality no effect. Link This is not the first or only look-a-like traffic_calming_sign on a road !

asked 15 Jan '15, 23:55

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edited 16 Jan '15, 12:32

To me, that looks more like a "give way" road marking than a traffic_calming=table. But maybe those look different in your country.

(16 Jan '15, 09:22) Vincent de P... ♦

The borders of a table, hump or bump are in general marked the same way. So looking at it makes you to slow down, the first time. There a lot of these kinds of gimmicks, there easy to realize.

(16 Jan '15, 12:31) Hendrikklaas

I would say that a virtual table is no real table and should not be tagged as such. For example it will not make the street impassable to very low sports cars (which normal tables will possibly do).

You could tag it traffic_calming=yes if you want to stay within the established tags. Or invent a new one – e.g. traffic_calming=virtual:table (just a possibly bad example, see comments below).

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answered 16 Jan '15, 01:51

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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Not sure about "virtual:table" value, because of namespacing in a value and because it's no more a "virtual table" than a mini_roundaboud is a "virtual roundabout".

(16 Jan '15, 09:29) Vincent de P... ♦

The only similar existing value in taginfo is painted_island. You could go with painted_table, but I think we could do something more generic :

How about traffic_calming=visual ? It'd fit other kinds of "look-alike" traffic calming; I'm thinking of some roads in France that have bright red paint on the road, in an attempt to surprise the driver and cause him to slow down.

(16 Jan '15, 09:33) Vincent de P... ♦

Hi Vincent, visual seems a good one, it can be used for the white lines painted on a road with diminishing distances in between at the entrance of a city and on highways with regular fog circumstances, with the message keep your distance and slow down as well !

(16 Jan '15, 12:31) Hendrikklaas

@Vincent de Phily: that was just an example. Yes, I thought of something like a namespace because there also could be visual humps or whatever. Yes, maybe the "iterative refinement" approach (if needed) would be better and a namespace in a value is a bad idea. I like your "visual".

A mini roundabout is different, because it is, legally, a roundabout. You need to drive around it, usual roundabout rules apply.

(16 Jan '15, 13:35) aseerel4c26 ♦

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