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Hi There, Is it possible for me to submit an csv or excel spreadsheet with Street Names and their Lat and Long so you can update the map?

asked 15 Jan '15, 18:35

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How many streets are we talking about, and are the streets already in OSM (just missing names) or are they not in OSM at all?

(15 Jan '15, 22:31) Frederik Ramm ♦

The street names were tagged using following a Bermuda map. I was tagging streets for a project I was working on. It's approx 3400+ street names and locations.

(15 Jan '15, 22:45) bdaventura

If you like, I can send the excel file for you to review. It will consist the street name, parish, lat and long coordinates (some roads are not shown via google map or but can be seen via satellite images). The street names follow the Bermuda telephone book and it's mailing postal codes/parish.

(15 Jan '15, 23:02) bdaventura

@bdaventura: okay, what is the source of the names? Were you walking in the streets and looking at the signs while looking on your gps device to get the position? Update: Oh, I just see that you likely already answered this: "The street names were tagged using following a Bermuda map". If you got the names from another map we are not allowed to use them, unless we get a permission from the map data company. We cannot just use other maps. Also this is bad because other maps are wrong. We want to be better!

(15 Jan '15, 23:08) aseerel4c26 ♦

What I would like to see is the ability to do clustering similar to google maps. The thing with google maps is that there is a "limit" of how many points could be referenced at one time without needing to pay for services. So maybe openstreetmap can assist in this regard.

(15 Jan '15, 23:09) bdaventura

@bdaventura: this ("clustering") is a totally different question, right? Could you please open a new question for this (if you cannot find a previous old question about the same). Clustering is definitely possible with some web map tools from the OSM ecosystem.

(15 Jan '15, 23:37) aseerel4c26 ♦

The map info is from a public telephone book..does that make a difference. It's time consuming to tag again in your map server or any others. Doesn't make sense when you can "dump" the data. It's also not about who is better, it's about sharing. Oh well. Thank you for your time and consideration.

(16 Jan '15, 12:14) bdaventura

@bdaventura: yes, that matters, sorry. We cannot use phonebook's data. See and . In short: This is because we want to keep our data free and that is only possible if we do not infringe other people's rights (because then users of our data would do so too). Please do not use this data set if it is derived from a phone book.

Regarding "better": if we would just reuse bad data, be cannot get better. Going out and really looking which name is there makes us better.

(16 Jan '15, 13:30) aseerel4c26 ♦
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There is no built-in feature like this. Naming streets automatically will require some programming. Hence some work too. Now this is for the technical point of view.

Second you have to be sure that the owner/creator of the file you got agrees his data to be used under ODBL licence.

Whatever method you choose to import your dta, don't forget to add the SOURCE tag.

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answered 15 Jan '15, 20:14

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