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I'm trying to locate the drinking_water amenity to no avail. When I run the following query:[parking]&addressdetails=1&format=json&bounded=1

I have no problems. I get an actual response. However, upon running[drinking_water]&addressdetails=1&format=json&bounded=1

I get no results. I've tried various other tags with underscores: charging_station, car_rental, etc. to no avail. Is there some trick I'm missing? I'd just like to be able to query for things with underscores.

asked 13 Jan '15, 19:05

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Try with space instead of the underscore, e.g. this

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answered 13 Jan '15, 20:12

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edited 13 Jan '15, 20:23

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks. This should be updated in the wiki, as it's out of date and rather misleading...

(14 Jan '15, 03:40) mjkaufer

Feel free to update the wiki yourself, anybody is allowed to edit it :)

(14 Jan '15, 07:55) scai ♦

What you type for nominatim is plain text, not tags. Then nominatim tries to convert some of key words into tags equivalence. This is called "special phrases" and is documented here in the wiki

(14 Jan '15, 09:31) Pieren

Interesting, that your example is working. It does not work with [charging_station] or [charging station] or [charging+station], which is an amenity (not in the special phrases).

There is a station at
49,9120536, 10,0017795 but the request[charging_station]&bounded=1

does not return anything.

In my opinion the request should be valid according to the description here (under "bounded"): charging_station is an amenity and bounded=1 with a viewbox allows the search for it.

At the same address as the charging station there is a fuel station, which is returned[fuel]&bounded=1

Can anyone tell me, what is wrong?

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answered 21 Oct '16, 14:44

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There aren't any special phrases for charging stations in the list that Pieren linked to, so I have to assume that Nominatim just won't search for charging stations.

(21 Oct '16, 16:39) alester

Ok. But then description is a bit misleading to me. I understand it as two different features (1) The search for special phrases, which are translated into amenities and (2) the search for amenities, if you use a bounding box and the 'bounded' property. Thanks anyway.

(24 Oct '16, 07:21) autumnus

For everybody who is interested: After some more investigation after the hint from alester (thanks again) I finally found out the source for the special phrases: TheSpecial Phrases page in the Wiki (quite obvious and it looks like I missed that several times ). This lists are imported from time to time. I inserted charging station in English and German and as I have a self hosted Nominatim, I have initialized the skript by hand and now it is working.

(24 Oct '16, 09:26) autumnus

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